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The Badger State Trail

The Badger State Trail in Wisconsin runs north from the Illinois/Wisconsin state line ~ where the trail connects to the Jane Addams Trail ~ to Fitchburg, Wisconsin which is located just south of Madison.

Badger State Trail scene
A view of the Badger State Trail just north of Monroe, Wi.
Rock wall along bike trail
One of the rock walls that you ride by on the side of the trail .
Colorful Scene from Badger State Trail
A view from  one of the ridges looking down to the fields below.

The trail passes through or by a number of small Wisconsin towns but is mostly rural and scenic. The majority of the trail is crushed stone except for the far northern section, near Fitchburg, which is paved.

The Badger State Trail (BST) is a rails-to-trails project so the trail is very flat with only gradual inclines and declines. This also explains the rock wall sections of the trail that you go through.

The highlight of this trail is the tunnel located a little less than 4 miles south of Belleville, Wisconsin. You will need to bring a light with you in order to pass through the tunnel (or at least to see anything as you pass through the tunnel).

Tall Bridge on Badger State Trail
The tall bridge on the Badger State Trail located just north of Monticello



Tunnel Entrance looking out
A view from inside the tunnel looking out at the world of sunlight and trees.

Tunnel Entrance with Reflection
Which exit do you take at the northern end of the tunnel? Hint: There is a puddle near the opening.

My Ride(s) on the Badger State Trail

I originally discovered the Badger State Trail  when I rode the Jane Addams Trail from Freeport, Illinois to the Wisconsin state line then continued on to Monroe, Wisconsin. This was in October of 2010 and I have wanted to ride the rest of the trail since then.

See the Jane Addams Trail Info and Photo Tour for first hand information in this Illinois trail.

Later I heard about the tunnel and finally got to ride most of the rest of the trail (well at least the southern section up to Belleville) in October of this year (2013).

I have included some of the most basic information on the trail on this page and on the photo tour pages but you can get most of this information on other more official websites.

I really like to include personal experiences and different and interesting photos from the trails to give you a feel for what the trails are like and what the highlights are. I carry a better camera and more advanced electronics on my bike rides these days in order to get better photos and information ~ Like a Nikon DSLR camera, a Garmin Edge Bike Computer and my iPhone.

The photos that I have included on the Photo Tour below include photos that were meant to give you a feel for the trail and to point out things that you may want to be aware of but I have also included some photos that were meant to be a little more artistic and to give you a little different perspective on the trail and its surroundings. For example, I have included quite a few different photos of the tunnel, many from the inside, to try and capture what it is like as you pass through the tunnel and look out from inside.

There is a gradual decline heading north between Monroe and Monticello so heading north is much easier than heading south between these 2 towns. Then there is another incline (no as much though) as you approach the tunnel.

The Badger State Trail Maps

The best overall map of the Badger State Trail that I have found online, aside from simply zooming in on an area with Google Maps ~ which by the way is a great method for checking out bike trails and routes ~ is the PDF formatted trail map on the DNR site.

See The Badger State Trail Map to view this map.

The Badger State Trail Interactive GPS Map

Below is a Map of my ride on The Badger State Trail from Monroe to Belleville with a link to the GarminConnect site so you can review the route, map, connecting trails and surrounding area.

If you take the map link to the Garmin site, you can easily zoom-in, zoom-out, move around or switch to the satellite view as you wish.

Note that I added Lap markers at the start and end of the tunnel so if you check the little box above the map that says "Laps", the tunnel is between laps 2 and 3.

The Badger State Trail Map
Badger State Trail GPS Map

© Copyright Garmin and Microsoft.
(click on map to see full map/ride details)


Badger State Trail Trail Photo Tour

Here's the photo tour of the Badger State Trail from the Illinois/Wisconsin border, through the Tunnel and to the town of Belleville, Wisconsin. This ride was from October, 2013.

Badger State Trail Home < you are here

Badger State Trail Photos 1 - Wisconsin Border and Monroe
Badger State Trail Photos 2 - Sugar River Trail to the Tunnel
Badger State Trail Photos 3 - Inside the Tunnel
Badger State Trail Photos 4 - Tunnel to Belleville and Back


Here's the GPS Map of the ride above from Monroe to Belleville.

Enjoy your ride...