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The Red Cedar Bike Trail

red-cedar-trail-001t.jpg (5506 bytes)
Here is the south end of the Red Cedar trail.
red-cedar-trail-078t.jpg (4945 bytes)
Another great shot of how the Red Cedar trail hugs the river.
red-cedar-trail-083t.jpg (5285 bytes)
This wooden bridge on the Red Cedar trail spans a creek and marshy area.

The Red Cedar State Trail located near Menomonie, Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful recreational trails I ever bicycled on. It spans about 14.5 miles through some of the most gorgeous and diverse countryside Wisconsin has to offer. Much of the trail travels alongside the Red Cedar River. I bicycled this trail on two occasions, once this year and again several years back. After I bicyled it the first time, I mentioned to many of my friends that this trail is a must ride. I have not changed my mind; in fact I think they improved its hard-packed limestone surface and mowed more of the grounds along its path, making many parts of the trail park-like

There is a bridge that connects the Red Cedar Trail to the Chippewa River trail on its south end. This bridge alone is a reason to bicycle this trail. There is ample parking along the trail so if you do not want to bike its entire distance, you can pick up the trail at many points along its way. But if you have the strength to bicycle its entire length, I would do it. I am almost certain you will not regret it.

The Red Cedar trail was used decades ago as a logging river. Native Americans also used this river for travel and as a food source. As you bike it, imagine how it must have looked like back centuries ago. I bet much of it is the same as when Native Americans were roaming the north woods.

Many people feel the Elroy-Sparta Trail is the best recreational trail in Wisconsin. I cannot argue that point; however, I feel the Red Cedar trail might be a close second. In fact, Red Cedar trail has fewer bikers than the Elroy-Sparta trail, especially on its south end. For that reason alone, I might say it could tie for first place if it were not for a lack tunnels. Both trails in any case are a must ride!

The link below offer more information about the Red Cedar trail. Don't forget, the Red Cedar State trail requires a Wisconsin State Trail Pass.


Happy bicycling!

Bob Cummings
Barrington, Illinois

I hope you enjoy this little virtual tour and hope it inspires you to take the trail(s) in the spring, summer or fall and/or provides a nice memory of your trips in the winter when you may not be able to get out there and enjoy it (although some people do ride throughout some of the winter also and those fat mountian bike tires can handle the snow pretty well too! :-) ).


Red Cedar Bike Trail Photos

The Red Cedar State Trail photo tour (July, 2005).

Red Cedar Bike Trail Photo Tour