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Whether you're into Road Bikes, Comfort, Mountain Bikes, BMX or Hybrid Bikes you need the right bike and you don't want to spend half the riding season looking for it. about-bicycles bike wheel

We have reviewed and researched a large number of online bicycle resources and bikes, in most cycling categories, to help you find the right bike and bike accessories online, fast and easy.

We specialize in bikes (and accessories) that can be purchased online. Almost all of the bikes reviewed on this site can be purchased online, at very good prices, for home or store delivery.

Bikes and Exercise Bikes for Sale Online

For quality brand name bikes for sale online, kids bikes and exercise bikes for sale online, see:

  • Road Bikes - Descriptions and comparisons of the common road bikes (touring, sport and racing bikes) and online bike stores where you can buy road bikes online.
  • Mountain and BMX Bikes - A great resource to help you find your mountain bike brand and style. Our recommended mountain bikes for sale online and a good selection of mountain bike online resources.
  • Comfort and Hybrid Bikes - Are you looking for a good all purpose, practical and comfortable bicycle? If so, the comfort and hybrid bicycle category may be what you are looking for. Order quality brand comfort and hybrid bikes online.
  • Kids Bikes - For a large selection of kids bikes and kids bike accessories that you can buy online and have delivered to your home or have delivered to a store near you for pickup.
  • Recumbent Bicycles Recumbent bicycles - More comfort more efficiency and speed. These bikes are getting more popular each year and for good reasons! Find out why... (Note: There are currently no recumbent online sales resources for this type of bike)
  • Exercise Bikes, Spin Bikes, Indoor Cycles - Compare reviews and the various types of exercise bikes and equipment: Upright Exercise Bikes, Recumbent and Semi Recumbent-Exercise Bikes, Dual Action (upright) Exercise Bikes, Mini Exercise Bikes and Bike Trainers and stay in shape all year long.
  • Outdoor Elliptical Bikes - See Elliptigo 8C and Elliptigo 3C for reviews of these exciting new machines! This is a whole new category which may appeal more to runners and triathletes than to cyclists but if you are looking for something new, exciting and different, this category is definitely worth checking out.
  • Most popular bike brands in US - With so many bicycle manufacturers, bicycle types and popular brand names sold in the US, that it can be difficult to find a comprehensive summay of the top 20 bike most popular bike brands.

When you already know what kind of bike you are looking for and are ready to review bike sales online, then here are some good resources:

See Online Bike Stores - for a complete listing of where to purchase the most popular brands for all bike types online.

See Best Buy Bikes Online - for the latest sales and deals on quality brand names bikes for sale online.

See Bicycle Ratings for a list the Bicycle Ratings (0 to 5 star) for all bikes reviewed on this site and available online.

See Online Bike Sales Shipping and Assembly for helpful information on shipping costs, assembly requirements and delivery options for online bike purchases.


The Ride is the Destination!

For me, there is nothing like a long ride on a beautiful day. I have done a lot of bike miles and have been breaking new personal distance records for many years now. In the process, I have discovered a lot of bicycle accessories that really come in handy in addition to some good online bicycle resources to buy bicycles online and bicycle accessories online.

Some notes on bike brands and bicycle sales online

Many of the bicycle sites that you find on the internet will have good information, detailed descriptions and sometimes prices for the bicycles that they manufacture or sell but will not actually sell the bicycles online. Instead they will refer you to a local dealer or one of their own bike shops.

The online bike resources referenced on this site do have many bikes for sale online. For example: Schwinn, Cannondale, GT, Scott, Fuji, Rocky Mountain, Huffy, K2, Mongoose, Scattante, Columbia, Kent, Electra, Nirve and Nashbar Brand are some (but not all) of the name brands that you can actually buy online. Some brands (like Cannondale, for example) can be ordered on line but must be shipped to a local shop.

Browse the online stores recommended on our specific bike type pages (side bar links) if you are looking for these brands of new bicycles for sale online (or for bicycle accessories online).

Other brand names, such as Trek, Giant, Haro and Specialized are high quality, popular brand names, but if you are searching the internet to find these brands of bicycles for sale online, you will most likely just find references to their approved dealers or used bikes. If you are looking for these or other higher end bikes you'll most likely have to check out a local bike shop or you could try ebay or craigs list.

Choosing the Bike that is Right for You

It goes without saying that you need to make some key decisions and know the appropriate size bike that you need before you make an online purchase. It should not be difficult to decide what style of bike you would prefer to have. This is based on what kind of riding that you want the bike for (road, trails, commuting, etc.), your riding style (speed, distance, off the road, etc.) and your personal preferences (comfort, upright seating, wrap down handle bars, etc.). The About-Bicycles bike type categories (the links above) may give you some help here if you need it.

The other key factor is the getting the correct frame size and geometry. If you do not already know the correct bike frame size for you there are a number of ways to find this out. You can find a lot of helpful information online, but I would suggest going to a local bike shop and trying out various frame sizes for the type of bike that you are considering. The sales people can often be quite helpful in this area too. If you feel bad about "using" the local stores resources for your online purchases, you can still bring in your new bike to their shop for assembly and/or tuning.

More Interesting and Helpful Site Topics

The site topics below will help you find more helpful information and bike stuff that you may be looking for online fast and easy and will provide you with some useful bicycle reviews, information and tips to make your online trip enjoyable as well.

Bicycle Accessories Having the right bicycle accessories available when you need them makes the difference between just another ride and a ride that you don't really want to end. (bicycle lights, bags, mirrors, hydration packs and water bottles, locks, car racks...)

Bicycle Bags Good bicycle bags (cycle bags, packs and racks) are essential for trails and distance rides, touring and utility riding. I have always found that a very basic behind or under the seat pack work very well for most typical situations (trials, quick trips, etc.).

Cycle Computers (speedometers, odometers) A good cyclecomputer is one of the most useful and interesting accessories that you can have on your bike. Speedometer, Odometer, Trip Meter, Date and Time, Riding time vs Elapsed time, averages...

Bicycle GPS Find the Best Bicycle GPS units, quickly and easily and see what makes them the ultimate cycle computers

Bicycle Lights There is a great selection of compact, bright, battery powered, clip on bicycle lights to choose from online today including high beam/low beam for extended battery life, halogen, LED, headlight, taillight, combos headband lights, helmet lights and more.

Bicycle Hydration (bicycle water bottles, packs, etc.) Water... Such a basic and simple need and it's everywhere... Except out on a long trail or road on a really hot day when you really need it! A good water supply... (as American Express used to say... "Don't leave home without it"!)

Bicycle Locks Help keep people honest. If you are going to leave your bike somewhere, you have to have some good bicycle locks.

Bicycle Clothing Mostly what you really need as far as bicycle clothing goes, of course, is what makes you comfortable (some people may require more style to be comfortable than others :-) ). First of all, dress for the weather. You will be much better off if you respect mother nature and consider what the conditions will be like on your entire ride...

Bicycle Car Racks Vans and pick-ups come in very handy for bike transportation. If that is not an option though, or if you just have too many riders coming with you or need the extra space... well you will be needing a bicycle car rack to get to the best riding locations.