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Having the right bicycle accessories and cycling equipment available when you need them makes the difference between just another ride and a ride that you don't really want to end.

If you ride a bike, you are going to be needing bicycle accessories and cycling equipment such as bicycle bags, bicycle lights, water bottles of hydration packs, bike computers, bike jerseys, shorts, gloves, car racks, etc.

You're needs and preferences will vary of course, depending largely on your riding style, but here's a nice summary of the basics (the most common bike accessories and the best brands) with links to our specific bicycle accessory pages and recommended suppliers of cycling equipment and bicycle accessories online.

Bicycle Accessories Online  - Selections and Resources

bike speedometer Bike Computers (speedometers, odometers) A good bike computer is one of the most fun and useful accessories that you can have on your bike. The features include Speedometer, Odometer, Trip Meter, Date and Time, Riding time vs Elapsed time, averages... Many wireless models are available too!
bike gps Bicycle GPS The most advanced bike computers are usually the cycle computers that are fully integrated with GPS receivers. These units include all of the bike computer functions in addition to GPS functionality for routes and courses and download options to store your ride data.
bike clothing, jersey, shorts... Bicycle Clothing Mostly what you really need as far as bicycle clothing goes, of course, is what makes youcomfortable (some people may require more style to be comfortable than others :-) ). Find the latest jerseys, shorts, gloves and more.
bike car rack

Bicycle Car Racks Vans and pick-ups come in very handy for bike transportation. If that is not an option though, or if you just have too many riders coming with you or need the extra space... well you will be needing a bicycle car rack to get to the best riding locations.


bike lights Bicycle Lights There is a great selection of compact, bright, battery powered, clip on bicycle lights to choose from online today including high beam/low beam for extended battery life, halogen, LED, headlight, taillight, combos headband lights, helmet lights... Definately check out the Down Low Glow lights here.
bike bag, trunk saddlebag (pannier) Bicycle Bags Good bicycle bags (cycle bags, packs and racks, panniers (bicycle saddle bags)) are essential for trails, distance, touring and utility rides. I have always found that a basic behind or under the seat pack works very well for typical rides (trials, quick trips, etc.).
bike water, bottle, cage, pack Bicycle Hydration (bicycle water bottles, packs, etc.) Water... Such a basic and simple need and it's everywhere... Except out on a long trail or road on a really hot day when you really need it! A good water supply... (as American Express used to say... "Don't leave home without it"!)
bike locks, u-lock, cable Bicycle Locks Help keep people honest. If you are going to leave your bike somewhere, you have to have a good bicycle lock.
bike parts Bike Parts If you ride bikes, you are going to be needing bicycle tires, tubes, bicycle wheels, cables, chains and chain cleaner kits, brake shoes and other bicycle parts and accessories pretty regularly. Here are some great online sources.


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