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Bike Trainers, the most affordable indoor cycling
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Bike Trainers ~ aka exercise bike stands ~ give you a controlled workout for training, pre-race warm-up and provide a great way to stay in shape ~ indoors or outdoors ~ all year long. Bike Trainer Kinetic Road Machine Fluid

Bike Trainers cost less than complete exercise bikes, indoor cycling bikes and other home fitness equipment and still provide an excellent low impact, aerobic exercise for training and indoor fitness.

There is also a huge selection of Bike Trainers available on-line which is great once know what kind of trainer is best for you and where to find them (although the large selection can also be a little overwhelming if you are not sure what you need).

Although there are quite a few kinds of Bike Trainers, I'd like to just start with the most common and most popular trainers and give you a few links to where you can usually find them at the best prices.

Most Popular Kinds of Bike Trainers ~ Exercise Bike Stands

Magnetic Bike Trainers provide resistance through opposing magnets within the resistance unit, are the least expensive (of the most popular trainers), are very durable and fairly quite.

The key feature of magnetic bike trainers is that the resistance level is linear meaning the resistance level stays the same regardless of how fast your wheel is turning and you control the resistance manually, on some trainers, with a remote handlebar unit.

Fluid Bike Trainers provide resistance through a fan like part within a thick fluid within the resistance unit, are usually a little more expensive than the magnetic trainers and are also quieter.

The key feature of magnet bike trainers is that the resistance level is progressive meaning the resistance level increases as your wheel turns faster. You control your resistance ~ and your cadence ~ by shifting gears on your bike.

Recommended Online Bike Trainer Resources

I have found that Amazon usually has the best selection of Magnetic Bike Trainers at the lowest prices and Performance Bike usually has the best prices on good quality Fluid Bike Trainers (of course, there will always be exceptions).

See Bike Trainers at Amazon for a good selection of Bike Trainers and trainer accessories (mats, front wheel blocks, etc.) at very affordable prices. Amazon has the largest selection including trainers from Kinetic, RAD, CycleOps, Schwinn, Forza, Blackburn, Outback, Minoura and more.

See Bike Trainers at PerformanceBike.com for high quality resistance trainers, rollers and trainer accessories. Performance brings you Bike Trainers from CycleOps, Travel Trac, Kinetic, and Elite.


High-End Bike Trainers

One last  category of Bike Trainer that I wanted to cover are some of the new high-end trainers that are now available or that have just come out recently.

The Kinetic Rock-N-Roll Bike Trainer looks like a great design and I have seen many positive customer reviews on it. This trainer basically allows an adjustable and more natural side-to side movement as you ride. I think this trainer has excellent potential and is already becoming very popular.

The biggest disadvantages to the  Rock-N-Roll Trainer is that it is more expensive and has a larger footprint than traditional trainers. When you want the most realistic ride and have a little extra space (and don't need to have a more portable unit) this trainer can be an excellent choice.

See Kinetic Rock-N-Roll Trainer at REI for the latest price and all the details on this trainer. REI also has an excellent video of this trainer in action at the link above.

The other category of high-end bike trainers that I wanted to at least mention is the Interactive Bike Trainers. Actually, I have seen these trainers referred to by  different names but basically what I am referring to here are the bike trainers that have an interface to your home computer ~ and tv screen if you choose ~ to give you a fully interactive boredom-breaking ride.

I have seen some nice interactive bike trainers, like the Elite Real Axiom CT Trainer and Elite Real Power CT Trainer  at Performance Bike. See the Performance link above to go right to their Bike Trainer selections.

These trainers are much more expensive than most traditional bike trainers and the technology can be a little difficult to understand and set-up but I believe that they also have great potential and I hope to be expanding out information on these interactive trainers soon.

Indoor Cycling Equipment and Home Fitness Equipment Price Comparisons

Bike Trainer prices can vary from $100 to $300 or more. Exercise / Stationary Bikes usually cost between $200 and $1000 and Elliptical Trainers and Treadmills can cost from $300 to $5000 or more. Bike Trainer CycleOps Powerbeam Pro

Bike Trainer Price Comparisons

Based on an analysis of a number of online resources, I have found that Magnetic Bike Trainers usually cost from $75-$400 with an average cost of $183 and Fluid Bike Trainers usually cost from $130-$530 with an average cost of $332.

These costs are for comparison and is meant to be used as a guide only. Prices are constantly changing and there are units outside of these ranges (on the low and high ends) which have been excluded in the comparisons above.

See the links above for more specific trainer details and costs or to get Bike Trainers at the best prices.

Bike Trainer and Exercise Bike Benefits:

If you are still reviewing other home fitness equipment options and are not sure about the benefits of Bike Trainers and Exercise or Stationary Bikes, here is a listing of some of the benefits of indoor cycling exercise equipment.

  • Bike Trainers and Fitness Bikes give you an excellent low impact, aerobic workout, are much more affordable, compact and portable than full size fitness bikes and other home fitness equipment.
  • Bike Trainers are used for fitness, aerobic exercise, weight loss and training for various kinds of cycling events.
  • Most stationary bikes have pedal clips that provide a push and pull motion that works out the leg and thigh muscles including the hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles.
  • The aerobic exercise of an bike trainer or exercise bike improves cardiovascular health and circulation. Indoor cycling equipment provides a safe, low impact aerobic exercise that has been used for physical therapy for years.
  • You can watch TV, listen to music (many stationary bike models have mp3 jacks and some have iPod attachments) and on many models your hands are free (for reading magazines or books, etc.).
  • An exercise bike is easy on the lower back. Many people with lower back pain have trouble finding exercise equipment that provides a good aerobic workout, is low impact and is easy on their backs.

Types of Indoor Cycling Equipment and Exercise Bikes

There are quite a few different types of Exercise Bikes, Stationary Bikes, and other indoor cycling exercise equipment available. Below is a summary of the most common types of indoor cycling equipment.

  • Upright Exercise Bikes (or Stationary Bikes)
  • Recumbent and Semi Recumbent-Exercise Bikes
  • Indoor Cycles
  • Dual Action Exercise Bikes
  • Seated Elliptical Trainers
  • Bike Trainers

Recommended Online Bike Trainer and Exercise Bike Resources

For plenty of reviews and additional information and recommendations on Exercise Bikes, Indoor Cycles or Stationary Bikes see our: Exercise Bikes and Exercise Bike Reviews