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I was a little hesitant about posting the lyrics below, because it's from a song that I wrote many years ago, the music and production of the song were pretty mediocre at best and I didn't want this to seem like a plug for the song. However, the lyrics are really pretty cool and are very relevant to biking (and life in general).

I wrote this song while riding through a large cemetery by us and contemplating the joy of riding as well as a few thoughts on life and death in general.

Enjoy The Ride - by Rob Chapman

I was in tenth gear, riding through the cemetery.
Wind blown, the feeling was extraordinary.
All of this nature, the flowers, and I'm alone.
I stopped to read what was written in the stone.
She was a mother, a daughter in heaven.
I did the math, she was just forty seven.
That's when it hit me..

Just Enjoy the Ride.
I hope it's better on the other side.
That's what they told me, they might a lied.
Forget about it, bye bye, Enjoy the Ride!

I better go now, it's getting late the sun is fading
Oh yea, keep the cemetery waiting.
Back on the bike cause the ride is the destination
Feeling alive one more time, it's re-incarnation.
The storm in the distance looks kind of frightening
But I like to ride in the rain and the lightning
Oh yea it's crazy, but...

Chorus: [Repeat]

If you actually want to her the song, you can check it out here: Enjoy The Ride.