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Bicycle Lights for Your Specific Riding Style
See and Be Seen

Bicycle lights not only help you to see better when it's really dark but they also help you to be seen much better when it starts to get dark... and beyond. bicycle lights

Most of today's bike lights come with a Flash Setting which not only helps you to be seen but also conserves your battery power.

Although it is nice to check out the bike lighting selections at your local B&M bike shop and it can be very convenient to pick one up while you are out, there is just no comparison to the selection and information that is available online ~ this is a perfect cycling product for online shopping.

The best light for your needs will depend on your riding style and your needs and preferences. One of the key features of most bike lights is simply how bright of a light do you need ~ measured in lumens ~ and how much more are you willing to spend (the brighter lights get more expensive).

For the most part, the least expensive lights will help you to be seen more than they will help you to see where you are going although the brighter models will still help you to be seen better then the lowest priced models.

The more expensive cycling lights will not only help others to see you much better but they will help you to see where you are going too. This kind of light would be much better for off-road riding.

Regardless of what type of type of cycling lights you are looking for here are some good online resources to help you find the right light or lights at the right price online fast, easy.


Bicycle Lights Online Suppliers Dual Beam Bike Light

Performance Bicycle has one of the best online selections of Lights and Lighting Accessories, headlights, taillights, helmet lights and combos. See Bike Lights and Lighting Accessories for the selection of quality cycling lights at Performance Bike.

Amazon also has a nice selection of Bike lights and lighting accessories at very reasonable prices. See Bicycle Lights at Amazon for their economical selections and for the fun Bike Brightz light described below.

Common Features

Most of today's bicycle lights either have LED bulbs and use regular batteries or rechargeable batteries (for the brighter and more expensive models). Fortunately, prices (per lumen) have come down quite a bit in recent years.

The lowest priced lights will usually be 200 lumens or less. Mid-range bicycle lights will have 200-400 lumens and the best will be 400 lumens and above.

Most of today's bike lights will have power output setting (low, medium, high settings) in addition to a Flash Setting to help you to be seen as mentioned above.

Most bicycle lights attach easily to your handlebars and many of the better models also have helmet mounting options. This can be particularly helpful for off-road riding and can be used with an additional handlebar bike light for additional lighting.

Beyond Normal Bicycle Lighting ~ Fun and Practical

In addition to the traditional cycling lights described above, there are also some fun, colorful bike lighting systems that are also practical in that they are designed to make you visible to others.

See the Amazon link button above for an more details and examples of these kinds of lighting systems.

Bike Brightz Bicycle LightThe Bike Brightz lights have some big advantages over normal bicycle lights, are cool and are really a lot of fun!  A few of my friends had a similar product many years ago, but it was powered by a generator and only available in one color (green). Even then those lights attracted a lot of attention, provided good (indirect) light and lot of visibility and attention from traffic.

Today, these colorful lights use LED technology, are powered by regular batteries and come in a nice variety of colors.

With today's technology, a simple small clip on battery bicycle light is a nice way to go. I remember my old generator light being the most dim when I had to slow down to get through a difficult area at night. It always bothered me that this is when I needed it the most!

So these days, I simply use a small clip on battery bicycle light. It is also very nice that you don't have to have it on the bike when you are not using it (which for most of us is most of the time). But don't forget to have it with you if there is any chance that you will be longer than expected and still riding when the sun goes down!

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