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The Palatine Trail from Winston Park (subdivision) to Deer Grove.

Palatine Trail West of Hicks Road

Palatine Trail East of Hicks Road

Being from Palatine, I have done the Palatine Trial numerous times. They says it's about 6 miles but I've recently checked it on my own bike odometer and it is actually 4.8 miles (one way). The eastern side of the trail is in more of a residential area where as the western side gets a little more wooded and eventually connects to the Deer Grove bike trail.

The start of the Palatine Trail (from the east) is off of Williams drive (Illinois 53 to Palatine Road, then right on Williams). The trail starts at a small Maple Park off of Williams, it's a small park but if you miss it you can also get on at the Lindberg Park which is by Lake Louise (visible from Rt53).

This part of the trail goes through residential areas and is very nice, but if you have kids with you you really need to pay attention to the cross streets. The trail crosses quite a few residential streets, which have lower speed limits, because of being residential, but there is light traffic and where there is traffic, there are speeders...

The Palatine Trail has an underpass at Hicks road. After Hicks Road, you will get into a little wooded area around the Palatine Public Library. This is a very nice little section, which eventually crosses Smith Road. Traffic is not too bad here, but you will probably need to stop here and check (definitely, if you have kids with you).

Probably my favorite part of the Palatine Trail is here (just west of Smith Road). First you go through an area with woods on one side and a Golf Course on the other, after that there are some tennis courts on the right followed by a real nice park and lake on the left. The pavilion by the lake can be a great place for a break.

After your break at the lake (optional :-) ) you'll be going into another really nice wooded area with one extreme hill. You'll be going up hill shortly after the bridge (just past the lake). You will want to get going here to make it all the way up, but watch for downhill traffic here, since it is a really steep hill.

After the hill, is one more nice wooded stretch, which ends at Dundee Road. This is the west end of the Palatine Trail.

Although the Palatine Trail ends at Dundee road, it does connect to the Deer Grove trails here. Just follow the extended trail (west) along Dundee Road (not the best part, but it's pretty wide and away from the road). You will need to really watch it at the intersection of Dundee and Quentin roads because it is a busy intersection, but there are lights and cross walks and if you are brave enough to cross you will be rewarded by maybe another 4 miles or so of fantastic trails in Deer Grove Forest Preserve, with only one busy road to cross (Quentin once again)...

Well, I hope you liked this little virtual trip on the Palatine Trail...

I am planning to grab our digital camera or camcorder the next time I do the other trails that I have been writing about on this site and will be including pictures of the trails ASAP, so stop back when you get a chance!

Palatine Trail GPS Map

I recently rode the entire Palatine Trail with my new Bike GPS computer so I now have the interactive GPS map of the trail.

The interactive maps are nice since you can resize them to zoom in for detailed information, zoom out for the bigger picture or even use the satellite view to see exactly a specific area is actually like. Here is the interactive GPS map of the Palatine Trail:

The Palatine Trail Map
Palatine Trail Interactive GPS Map

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Palatine Bike Trail Photos

Here's a photo tour of the Palatine Trail, from east to west (mostly). These pictures are from early May so the trees are not in full bloom, but you can see the shady areas better...

Palatine Trail Photos 1 - Maple Park to Hicks Road Underpass - East
Palatine Trail Photos 2 - Hicks Road to Library
Palatine Trail Photos 3 - Smith Road to Golf Course - West
Palatine Trail Photos 4 - Steep Hill to Deere Grove - West


The Palatine and Deer Grove Bike Trail Videos
July 2009

The Palatine and Deer Grove Bike Trail Videos Bike Trail Video

This video starts at the beginning of the Palatine Trail at Winston and Anderson Streets in Palatine and meets up with the Deer Grove trail at Dundee and Quentin Roads then follows the Deer Grove East bike trail around the 2.9 mile loop. From July, 2009