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Fuji Absolute Hybrid Review

The Fuji Absolute is excellent choice for a Road/Mountain Hybrid bike. Although this bike could fall under the road bike category, the Absolute has upright handlebars, wider tires than most traditional road bikes and either grip shifters or lever shifters (depending on the specific model number). 2014 Fuji Absolute 2.3

I had the opportunity to review the Fuji Absolute on a recent trip to Performance Bike and after reviewing this bike, testing the components, and discussing the different Absolute model numbers, in detail, with a very knowledgeable sales rep, I would have to say that this is one of the best hybrids available within its price range.

For more serious riders, this bike can handle touring and long distance rides, comfortably but with much less effort than a heavier comfort bike, and can handle paved, crushed stone, grass, or fairly rugged dirt bike trails.

The Fuji Absolute has a comfortable seat/saddle, adjustable seat post, 700x28c tires, aluminum frame and excellent components (different makes depending on the model number).

Note: The 2014 Fuji Absolute 1.7 is currently selling from Performance Bike for $509.99 (new) with Free Shipping for Store Pickup. See Fuji Absolute Sale for the latest price, customer reviews or to get this bike online.

Although Fuji calls this bike a "Road and Path Hybrid" and Performance Bike calls it a "Road Bike" I consider this bike really to be a true road/mountain cross hybrid bike. Fuji has high quality bikes, are reasonable priced and have excellent components. These bikes last forever with very little maintenance!

Fuji Absolute Model Comparisons:

The 2012 Absolute has 5 price/component levels. The prices go down as the level goes up so the Absolute 1.0 is the most expensive and the Absolute 4.0 is the least expensive.

The differences for the Absolute are primarily with the derailleurs, shifters, brake components, colors and weight. Although you will get better components with the more expensive models, even the least expensive model has better components than most other bikes in this price range.

See the Performance Bike links (above) for their automated comparison feature to see the specific details.

Hybrid bikes, including the Fuji Absolute are an excellent choice for a combination of road and off road riding.

Hybrid (Road/Mtn) Bike Comparisons:

You can find some cheaper brands of hybrid bikes (at Wal-Mart for example) but you will usually "get what you pay for" and will not be able to find the same quality as you will get with Fuji bikes for a slightly higher price.

About-Bicycles Review:

Fuji bikes, in general, are excellent quality and very reasonably priced. I rode a friends Fuji, (that he had for years, then finally donated in perfect condition) and have reviewed and tested others and the Absolute is no exception to their standards of quality.

I can easily recommend the Absolute as one of the best hybrid bikes available.

Customer Reviews:

The 2013 models are still very new and there were no reviews available yet at Performance Bike.

See the Performance Bike link button above for more information and the latest customer reviews...

Relevant Comments on prior year models included...

"Surprising Ride, Great Value "

Pros: Comfortable, Fast, Good Geometry, Handles Well, Lightweight
Best Uses: Casual Riding, Commuting, Exercising
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

See the Performance Bike links (above) for specifications on the other Absolute models.

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