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GT Avalanche Hardtail Bike Review

The GT Avalanche hardtails will easily get you through some of the toughest terrain and keep you on the trails for years to come, without wasting a lot of time making repairs on the trail or having to walk back for parts and repairs. 2013 GT Avalanche 2.0

The GT Avalanche hardtail mtn bikes come with a rock solid triple triangle aluminum frame, Rock Shox or Suntour front suspension and disc brakes (on most models).

GT builds some of the best BMX and Mountain Bikes in the world and the Avalanche is their high end Recreational XC category bike. If you've browsed the mountain bike reviews on this site, you know that we rank GT very highly.

The Avalanche series includes the Avalanche Expert, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. The "Disc" models all have Disc Brakes and GT also offers women's versions of most models.

GT Avalanche Features at a Glance: All GT Avalanche bikes have the NEW Triple Triangle design 6061 butted aluminum frame, GT Mtn Riser handlebars, and Disc and V-brake (depending on the model). Other components are dependent on the specific model.

Note: The 2013 GT Avalanche 2.0 is on sale and selling for $679.99 (new) at Performance Bike with free shipping options. See 2013 GT Avalanche 2.0 for the latest price and customer reviews. 

You can often get a great price on prior year models online. See All GT Avalanche models at Performance Bike for good deals on older GT Avananche bikes.

GT Avalanche Model Comparisons:

The GT Avalanche series has 5 price/component levels (in addition to the women's versions). The 5 price/component levels are based on suspension and components.

The Avalanche models from highest (most expensive) to lowest (least expensive) are the Avalanche Expert, Avalanche 1.0, Avalanche 2.0, Avalanche 3.0 and Avalanche 4.0.

There are quite a few differences in the specific models but the biggest differences are between the Avananche Expert and 1.0 and the others. The Expert and 1.0 models use the Rock Shox form while the others user various Suntour forks.

See the REI or Performance Bike links (above) for their automated comparison feature to see the specific details.

About-Bicycles Review:

The GT Avalanche series bikes are some of the best hardtail bikes available for under $1,000 (although full retail on the Expert is a little over $1k). I like the Expert and the 1.0 best for the Rock Shox forks and lock outs, but the lower end models still have the same triple triangle frame and all have quality disc brake options. You can also select the traditional v-brakes if you do not want disc brakes (which will also save you some money).

GT mountain bikes, in general, are some of the best mountain bikes on the market and the Avalanche series are, IMO, the best hardtail mountain bikes for under $1,000 (or under $1,300 full retail for the Expert model).

It's not hard to recommend GT bikes at any level but I can easily recommend the GT Avalanche as the best hardtail in its price range.

Customer Reviews:

Most of the online customer reviews of the GT Avalanche, at the time of this review, were for previous year's models but were all overwhelmingly positive. Most customers have rated all of the GT Avalanche models very highly 4 of 5 stars(4 stars or higher out of 5).

See the Performance Bike links (above) for more information, additional customer reviews or to purchase the GT Avalanche.

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