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Livestrong LS5.0R Recumbent Review

The LS5.0R Recumbent is a slightly downgraded version of the LS6.0R recumbent from Livestrong. The LS5.0R is a solid, well built mid range recumbent exercise bike, with quite a few quality features but you do lose a few key features with this fitness bike that you get with the next model up in the Livestrong Recumbent lineup (i.e. the LS6.0R). Livestrong LS5.0R Recumbent

The purchase of any Livestrong exercise bike online will ensure a contribution to the LIVESTRONG┬« Foundation and the fight against cancer which should make you feel better even before you start your workout routine.

I had the opportunity to review the LS5.0R Recumbent, before it was for sale online (or offline) at the Johnson Fitness headquarters, in Madison Wisconsin (the manufacturer of the Livestrong bikes). I was also able to compare this bike directly to the LS6.0R (which had also not yet been released) with the product specialist for exercise bikes at Johnson.

What I found is that this bike has the same frame and has many of the same features as the LS6.0R but it does not have the Livetrack Interactive feature (which is a key feature in the Livestrong lineup), it has a less contoured cushion seat back (not mesh), 9 programs vs 11 programs, no iPod hookup or speakers and the warranty is not as good as the LS6.0R.

Note: The Livestrong LS5.0R Recumbent  is is no longer available from this site or no longer for sale online.

Please see our Exercise Bike Ratings page for a full listing of the exercise bikes that are available with prices and ratings.

(was selling directly from Amazon for $649.99).

Here's a summary of some of the key features of the LS5.0R:

  • Comfortable and highly adjustable oversized seat with lumbar support,
  • Contract grip heart rate monitor,
  • Easy QuickZip ratcheting pedal straps,
  • 300 lb user weigh capacity,
  • In addition to your workout, the donation to the Livestrong foundation when you purchase this stationary bike online should help you feel much better too!

Livestrong Recumbent Model Comparison

Livestrong currently has 3 recumbent models in their sporting goods line and one model in their commercial line. The LS5.0R, a slightly downgraded and less expensive recumbent, The LS5.0R the high end sporting goods model (this model reviewed on this page), the LS7.0B, the original recumbent (replaced by the LS5.0R).

There is also the more expensive R1xLS Recumbent which is the Livestrong by Matrix commercial grade fitness bike.

The major differences between the older LS6.0R model and the LS5.0R model are:

  • Livetrack Interactive - The LS6 has it the LS5 does not.
  • Number of Programs - The LS6 has 11 the LS5 has 9.
  • The Seat Back - the LS6 has a soft, sturdy, contoured mesh seat back, the LS5 has a padded cushion seat back.
  • iPod hookup and Speakers - The LS6 has them the LS5 does not.
  • The Warranty - The warranty is much better on the LS6.

About-Bicycles Review

As I mentioned above, the Livestrong LS5.0R recumbent is a solid, well built mid range recumbent bike, with quite a few quality features and I believe that the LS5.0R is a better bike than many recumbent exercise bikes in it's price range but personally, I believe that you will get much more for your money with the Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent.

The warranty upgrades on the LS6.0R are probably worth the extra costs alone plus if you want to track you workouts and progress and/or share this information with friends and family, you will want the Livestrong Interactive feature on the LS6.0R.

So, if you want to keep your costs down a little and don't really need the additional LS6.0R features that I have mentioned here, I would still recommend the Livestrong LS5.0R Recumbent over most other recumbents in it's price range.

Livestrong LS5.0RRecumbent Features at a glance:
  • Display Type: 3 LED Feedback Windows
  • Flywheel Weight: 8.8 lbs/4 kg
  • Seat Type: Padded seat with lumbar support
  • Pedal Type: QuickZip pedal straps
  • User Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Resistance: 16 levels
  • Heart Rate: Contact Grips
  • Assembled Dimensions: 64 x 26 x 46 in
  • Assembled Weight: 117 lbs/53 kg
  • Shipping Dimensions: 66 x 10.63 x 27.56 in


Frame & Brake: 7 years
Parts & Labor: 1-year
Unlimited in-home repairs

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Your online purchase will ensure a contribution to the LIVESTRONG® Foundation for the fight against cancer.