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Fuji Newest Road Bike Review
Sport Bike for Road and Trails

The Fuji Newest is an excellent choice when you are looking for a fast yet versatile road bike for multiple uses such as commuting, touring and/or fairly long distance rides on roads, bike paths or moderate off-road surfaces. Fuji Newest Road Touring Bike

The Fuji Newest is definitely a road bike but it could almost be looked at as a Hybrid Bike with drop down handlebars. Although this bike is fairly light and fast, the Newest is not a racing bike ~ although I have seen it described that way on other websites. Fuji has the Newest in its Road/Sport category and it is really more of a touring (or trekking) bike.

The Fuji Newest has been around for years now ~ so it is not really the "newest" ~ and that actually seems like an odd choice for a name but if you are familiar with Fuji Road Bikes I'm sure you are well aware that the Newest is a model and not an adjective.

All Fuji Newest models, for 2012 have the same aluminum frame, drop down handlebars, 700x25c tires and Shimano components. The biggest difference with the different Newest models (other than the colors) are the component sets and number of gears.

Note: The 2012 Fuji Newest 1.0 is currently unavailable (was selling for $699 (new) at Performance Bike) See Fuji Newest for their latest availability from Performance Bike.

Fuji Newest Model Comparisons:

The Fuji Newest has 4 component/price levels for 2012 including the Fuji Newest 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. The prices go down as the model number goes up so the Fuji Newest 1.0 is the best and most expensive and the Newest 4.0 is the least expensive.

As I mentioned above, the biggest difference in the Fuji Newest models is with the component sets and the number of gears as described below:

  • The Fuji Newest 1.0 comes with Shimano Tiagra components and has 30 gears.
  • The Fuji Newest 2.0 comes with Shimano Sora components and has 27 gears.
  • The Fuji Newest 3.0 comes with Shimano 2303 and Sora components and has 24 gears.
  • The Fuji Newest 4.0 comes with Shimano 2303 components and has 24 gears.

About-Bicycles Review:

The Fuji Newest is a great bike for the riding style for which it was designed (as a Road/Sport bike). Although the Newest is fairly light and fast, and you'll be able to keep up with other riders with little effort, it is not intended to be a racing bike.

I have always liked the features of most Hybrid Bikes but I actually prefer the drop down handlebars myself. I find the multiple positions more comfortable, I feel like I have better control and of course, when you want to reduce wind resistance you always have the lower position.

My preference for the component sets is the Fuji Newest 1.0 with the Shimano Tiagra components. The extra gears are nice but I really prefer the shifters on the brake levers.

Fuji bikes are sold online and at B&M bike shops. Since you can get Fuji bikes online and at larger (mass market) stores I believe that this gives some people the perception that they are cheap, low-end bikes ~ as apposed to the higher-end brands that are only sold at LBSs ~ which is not the case.

Fuji makes quality bikes and the Newest, in particular, comes with a wide range of Shimano components so you can choose the level of component quality that best fits your price range.

This is definitely a excellent and affordable touring style bike. I would recommend the Fuji Newest for a good all round road bike at a very affordable price.

Customer Reviews:

The Fuji Newest has been around for a few years now and there are plenty of customer and professional reviews of this bike online although most are for prior year models.

One review that I found on the Performance Bike site that I believe sums up the Fuji Newest 1.0 (Performance Exclusive) quite well ~ even though it is a 2011 review ~ includes the following:

By Jumel, Dover , DE

"The build quality and the parts use was exceptional for the price I paid. The gears shifted and run effortless especially the transitions from flats to uphill and vice versa. I will defintely buy another fuji."

See the Performance Bike links (above) for specifications on more Fuji Newest models.