Kids Bike Trailers, Trailer Bikes and Bike Seats
Bicycle Riding for the Entire Family

You don't need to wait until your child is old enough to ride with you on those long bike rides that you love so much anymore. There is such a good selection of kids cycling transport products available now that you should be able to find the perfect cycling accessory for kids of and and all sizes.

Kids Bike Trailers and Trailer Bikes

If your kids are very young and/or you are looking for a way to take them on with you on bicycle trips, you now have quite a few options. Two of these options can be confusing because they sound very similar but are quite different accessories (i.e. "Bike Trailers" and "Trailer Bikes").

Bike Trailers are two wheel trailers that attach to the back of your bicycle and allow one or two kids to ride behind you. bike trailer

See Quality Bike Trailers for a high quality bike trailers from Burley, Chariot and more.
See Economical Bike Trailers for a great selection of inexpensive bicycle trailers from Schwinn, InStep, Burley and more.

Note: These trailers can also be used to carry goods and supplies on bike trips when your child outgrows them or when your child is not with you.

Trailer Bikes are the one wheel attachment that attaches to the back or your bicycle trailer bikeand allows one child to ride behind you and pedal as if they were on a regular bike. This basically turns your bicycle into a tandem bike for you and your child.

See Trailer Bikes for a good selection of Trailer Bikes at very good prices.

Child Bike SeatBike Carriers or Bike Child Seats attach to the back of your bicycle and allow one young child to ride directly behind you.

See Bike Child Seats for a good selection of child seats and carriers at very good prices.


When you are looking for Kids Bikes, Kids Bike Accessories (helmets, training wheels, knee and elbow pads, bike computers (for kids)) or ride-ons and push bikes (for the real little ones) see our Kids Bike Page.

When you are looking for smaller bicycles (like a mountain bike) for older kids, see our Bike Review Pages since you can get most of these kinds of bikes in smaller sizes in addition to the adult sizes.

I can't really cover all of the Bike Transport accessories that are available these days because they seem to keep coming out with newer products all the time.

I can tell you however, that I see more and more families, with kids of all sizes, biking together than ever before. I've seen dads with a smaller child in a bike trailer riding with a mom with a trailer bike attached to her bike with an older brother or sister riding independently with both of them. I think it is fantastic that families now have so many excellent biking options.

I have also seen twins on a double trailer bike (like a 3 person tandem bike) at the Bike The Drive event in Chicago this year!

Another thing that I have seen quite often is bike riders using a child bike trailer as a Bike Trailer Pack (in other words using the bike trailer to carry supplies) or as a Pet Carrier. So even when your kids outgrow the bike trailer, you still have a handy bike accessory that can still be used!

Bikes Available for Purchase Online

If you are interested in purchasing a adult or kids bike online, here are some additional resources:

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Our Family Biking Experiences

Our family has always done a lot of bicycle riding both together and separately. When the kids were very young we had a behind the seat bike carrier, as they got older they progressed through smaller bikes with training wheels then on to larger kids bikes. We have even taken both of our young kids with us on some pretty long bike trail rides (over 30 miles). Those rides have become some of our favorite memories.

A Personal Note on Bicycle Child Carriers: We used to use the child carriers that attached behind the seat of your bike when our kids were very young. This actually worked out pretty well. The kids liked taking rides (most of the time anyway) and it gave us the freedom to get out and ride and get some exercise.

You do need to pay particular attention to the fact that the bicycle's center of gravity changes. There is much more weight in the back of the bike and you need to get a feel for this and be careful (of course :-) ).

I also found it easier to swing my leg over the handlebars (facing forward) when mounting and dismounting the bike when the child carrier was on the back (this would not be necessary with a women's step through frame bike, of course).