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How to Dress for Bike Rides in Any Weather

Yes, you can ride your bike in just about any weather. Most people will prefer to ride in dry conditions with temperatures between approximately 40°F and 90°F although some people do ride in more extreme temperatures and conditions. The important thing is to dress properly for your ride.

Below is a guide for how to dress for bike rides in different weather conditions and is based primarily on the wind speeds and temperatures. Each bike ride and every situation will be different so you will need to experiment a little and make adjustments for your own particular situations.

This guide is not intended to cover bike riding in extreme cold or extreme heat and is more appropriate for casual bike rides rather than racing or training situations.

Bike Riding Temperature and Dress Guide

Weather Conditions Suggestions

Below 40°F

You will need to wear layers (t-shirt, shirt, sweater, outer jacket or vest, etc.). Warm wind resistant gloves are essential (some people prefer pogies which are like mittens that go over your handlebars and cover your hands). Wear warm (wind resistant) shoes and/or warm socks, a warm hat and ear protection.

40°F to 49°F

Wear a warm jacket or coat and you will usually want to wear pants (not shorts). Wear warm gloves and ear protection.

50°F to 59°F

Wear a jacket, pants (not shorts), t-shirt or cycling jersey. Warm gloves are still good in this temperature range.

60°F to 69°F

You can wear shorts (or pants), t-shirt or cycling jersey. Depending on your situation you may want to have a light jacket available. A good bike bag is very handy in this weather in case you wear a jacket and decide to take it off later in your ride.

70°F to 79°F

This is probably the nicest cycling weather. Shorts (or cycling shorts) a t-shirt or jersey (short sleeve or sleeveless).

80°F and Above

In very hot weather you usually want to dress very lightly (shorts and t-shirt or jersey), stay hydrated, bring or wear a hat or helmet and use sunscreen as necessary.


Don't forget about the wind. If there is a 10mph to 15mph wind then adjust all of the suggestions above to the next colder category.


Most people don't choose to ride in the rain, unless it's just a light drizzle but it is very common to start a ride in questionable weather (or even in good weather) and find yourself stuck in a heavy rain.

Having rain wear available is the best situation but most of us are not usually that well prepared so mostly if you are on a fairly long ride, be prepared for the possibility of getting wet.

Protect your Electronics

Most bike electronics (cycle computers, GPS) are water proof (or water resistant) but if you are concerned about your electronics you can bring a baggie (cellophane bag) or plastic bag and/or remove your equipment and put it in your bike bag. If your bike bag is not very water resistant then you'll still want a baggie or cellophane bag with you to wrap your equipment in.

You will also want a bike bag and/or cellophane bags for any other electronics that you may bring with you (i.e. cameras, camcorders, cell phones, ipods).

Keep in mind you will be colder from the wind on your ride. You will also be cooler when you first start riding and warmer as you workout or ride longer.

Generally, if you are comfortable in the cloths that you are wearing while you are outside walking around, you will usually be a little cool on your ride (it's usually a little cooler riding). I have found the guide above to be helpful when you are choosing what to wear and you know the outside temperature but have not been outside recently.