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The 10 Most Popular Exercise Bike Brands Sold in the U.S.

This listing is intended to be a guide as to what exercise bike brands are currently the most popular in the USA, at the time of this writing (since exercise bike brands come and go and the sales of various bike types rise and fall). The manufacturers listed here sell the most popular exercise bike types (Upright, Recumbent and Indoor Cycle).

The top 10 most popular exercise bike brand listing that I've compiled here is not based on exercise bikes sales alone (although sales is a factor) nor is it based on the quality or perceived quality of the exercise bikes.

This list is not meant to be an endorsement of these brands but is intended to be a recognition that the brands are popular. I have included the popular low end brands as well as the popular high end brands.

The Top 10 Most Popular Exercise Bike Brands

Note: Click on the Brand Name for more information and for the Models that are made by each brand.

  1. NordicTrack - NordicTrack is one of the most popular brands of exercise bikes in the US They are sold by Sears and by NordicTrack online. Nordic Track produces mid-range and higher end Recumbent, Uprights and Indoor Cycles. NordicTrack is the high-end brand of Icon Fitness, the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world.
  2. Proform - Proform exercise bikes are also sold by Sears, Sports Authority  and other retail stores as well as online. Proform has a large selection of Indoor Cycles and a good selection of mid-range exercise bikes. Proform is the mid-range brand from Icon Fitness.
  3. Schwinn - Schwinn has been well known brand in the bicycle industry for over a century and has more recently become a major player in the exercise bike world. Schwinn produces exercise bikes ranging from very low end to high end commercial grade fitness bikes.
  4. Sole Fitness - Sole Fitness has a good selection of high end in-home and light commercial fitness bikes. Sole's in-home fitness bikes are excellent quality and sold online at reasonable prices.
  5. Star Trac - The Star Trac is very popular in the commercial market where they started but is also a popular high end exercise bike brand that is sold online. Star Trac sells high end to upper mid-range exercise bikes.
  6. Life Fitness - Life Fitness is better known in the commercial market but they are also popular in the home retail market. Life Fitness produces high end to upper mid-range exercise bikes.
  7. Horizon - Horizon Fitness has a limited selection of fitness bikes but the models that they sell are very good quality and economical. Horizon Fitness Bikes are produced by Johnson Health Tech in Cottage Grove, Wis.
  8. Precor - Precor is also more popular in the commercial market with online sales available for in-home use. Precor produces high end exercise bikes.
  9. Stamina - Stamina has a fairly large selection of low budget exercise bikes designed for in-home use which can be found at Walmart and Amazon.
  10. Marcy - Marcy produces low budget exercise bikes designed for in-home use which can be found at Walmart and Amazon.


The list above is limited to the top 10. This does not mean that there are not other popular brands of exercise bikes and indoor cycles out there.

In some cases some manufacturers do not produce as many models as the brands in the top 10 list and in other cases some well established fitness equipment manufacturers have only recently introduced exercise bikes to their existing lineup of fitness equipment.

Some of the additional exercise bike brands that should also be mentioned are: Smooth Fitness, AFG, Livestrong, Diamondback, Nautilus, Lifecore, LifeSpan, Weslo and Kettler.

For more detailed information on all major exercise bIke brands see Exercise Bike Brands Reviews.

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