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Raleigh Sport Bike Review

Raleign Sport BikeAlthough the Raleigh brand bikes that are sold in the US are no longer made in England, they have maintained the original Raleigh quality and style and I can just picture myself riding one of these bikes down some narrow country roads in the English countryside.

OK, the Raleigh Sport is a stylish and well made entry level road bike that can handle speed as well as distance comfortably and without spending a small fortune.

As its name implies, I would call this a sport bike (kind of a cross between a touring bike and a racing bike). The Raleigh sport is an excellent selection for touring, commuting, light racing and general road riding. It does have drop down handle bars and 700x23c tires so make no mistake, this is a road bike.

I had the opportunity to review a number of Raleigh Bikes on a recent trip to a local bike shop (it can be hard to find Raleigh bikes in some locations) and I was very impressed with their road and hybrid bikes. I believe that the Raleigh hybrid bikes are generally priced a little higher than other quality hybrid bikes in their category, but the Raleigh Sport is a very resonably priced road bike.

The Raleigh Bike Company is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Although ownership of Raleigh has changed a few times over the years, the quality of their bikes remains consistent.

A few outstanding features of Raleigh bikes, including the Raleigh Sport, are their style (design), their high quality components and, in my opinion, their very high quality and comfortable seats.

Raleigh Sport Features at a Glance:  The Raleigh Sport has all Shimano derailers and shifter, a stylish aluminum frame, Choroly fork, a very comfortable seat/saddle, 700x23c tires, and excellent components.

Note: As of 4/17/2011 the Raleigh Sport is no longer available online at our merchant sites. The 2010 Raleigh Grand Sport was previously selling for $629.93 (new) at REI with free shipping options. Raleigh bikes must be delivered to an REI store.

Please see the GT Series for a more current Best Buy Road Bike.

Raleigh Sport Model Comparisons:

There are really just two Raleigh Sport variations. There is the Raleigh Sport (featured in this review) and the Raleigh Grand Sport.

The main differences are that the Sport has a Chromoly fork where the Grand Sport has a carbon fork and the Sport has 24 gears where the Grand Sport only has 16. Do you really want to pay almost $150 more for the Grand Sport?

See the REI links (above) for their automated comparison feature to see all of the specific details.

About-Bicycles Review:

Raleigh bikes, in general, are excellent quality but some models can be a little more expensive than other comparable brands. As for the Raleigh Sport this is not the case. The Raleigh Sport is an excellent entry into road bikes at a very reasonable price.

I love the components, design and even the quality seats. I would recommend the Raleigh Sport as a great road/sport bike.

Customer Review:

At the time of this review, there were a few positive customer reviews of the 2010 Raleigh Grand Sport (5 of 5 stars) but no formal customer reviews of the 2010 Raleigh Sport.

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