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GT Transeo Hybrid Bike Review

When you are looking for a hybrid cross between a road bike and a mountain bike that leans a little more towards a mountain bike, the GT Transeo is one of the better selections out there. 2013 GT Transeo 4

The GT Transeo is quick enough to keep up with most road bikes (depending on the rider, of course), with it's component setup and 700c tires and the bike is comfortable, with it's mostly upright riding position but this bike is gonna be a little heavier and a lot more rugged than a road bike and you can get it equipped with disc brakes and front suspension ~ with lockouts ~ as you would expect on quality mountain bikes.

GT got its start with high end BMX and mountain bikes and later became a leader in high quality road bikes. If you are looking for a high quality hybrid bike, you are in luck. GT has combined their engineering skills with mountain and road bikes and now creates some of the best hybrid bikes available.

In addition to GT engineering and quality, these bikes are much more affordable then mountain or road bikes of this quality so you can save some money on this type of bike.

Depending on where you live, it may be hard to find all of the different Transeo models, to review, at bike shops but you can usually find a good selection of these bikes online (although not all online merchants will carry all of the Transeo models).

Note: The 2014 GT Transeo 4 is on sale and selling for $549.99 (new) at Performance Bike with Free shipping options. See GT Transeo Bikes on Sale for the latest price, availability and customer reviews or to order the GT Transeo online.

I have seen this bike advertised as a Comfort Bike and GT classifies it in their Urban/Sport category and in its Fitness/Commuter category last year. Although this bike can be a comfortable commuter, I believe this bike more appropriately falls into the hybrid category.

GT Transeo Model Comparisons:

The 2012 GT Transeo Bikes have 4 price/component levels. The prices go down as the level number goes up so the GT Transeo 1.0 is the most expensive and the GT Transeo 4.0 is the least expensive.

Although all GT Transeo models share the same aluminum frame and overall design, the top 3 models ~ the Transeo 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 ~ all have disc brakes and suspension with lockouts where the Transeo 4.0 (and Transeo 4.0 Women's model) do not have suspension or disc brakes.

The Transeo 1.0 and 2.0 have hydraulic disc brakes where the Transeo 3.0 has mechanical disc brakes.

All GT Transeo models have Shimano components but you get better components on the higher end models, of course.

For all other model differences see the REI and Performance Bike links (above) for their detailed specs and automated comparison feature for more detail.

About-Bicycles Review:

The GT Transeo Disc bikes (1.0-3.0) are an excellent choice for a high quality hybrid (comfort/fitness/commuter...) bike for under $1,100 especially if you are looking for Disc brakes and a Front Suspension with Lockout.

I was actually looking for some negative comments in the online reviews and could not find any "Cons" on this bike. It is rated highly by customers and few have any complaints.

Definitely a good selection for a high quality Hybrid bike and I would highly recommend this bike.

Customer Reviews:

At the time of this review there were no customer reviews on the 2012 GT Transeo models but plenty of reviews on 2011 and prior year models. For what it's worth, Customers at Performance Bike Rated the all 2011 GT Transeo models at an average of 4.5 of 5 stars(4.5 of 5 stars) based on 89 customer reviews.

For the latest customer reviews and details on each model see the GT Transeo links above.