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Fuji SL1 Pro Road/Racing Bike Review

As a famous Top Gun pilot once said: "I feel the need... the need for speed!" If it's human powered speed that you are looking for, the Fuju SL1 can help you get there.

If you are looking for a competitive edge or just like the feel of going fast, check out the top of the line, ultralight Fuji SL1. Fuji builds some of the best road bikes in the world and the SL1 line is their high end, high performance, carbon frame racing bike.Fuli SL1 Pro Road Bike

I had the opportunity to review the Fuji SL1 on a recent trip to Performance Bike and this is a light weight bike that's engineered for performance. The Performance Bike guy claimed that the Fuji SL1 line is the best road bike (racing category) that they had in the store. 

After reviewing this bike, I would have to agree that the Fuji SL1 Pro is the one of the best racing bike available in its price range. Fuji has high quality bikes, are reasonable priced and have excellent components. These bikes last forever with very little maintenance.

Fuji had the SL1 bikes their "ultralight" category and expanded the SL1 price/frame/component offerings from two levels, in 2009 to eight levels in 2010. Unforunately, Fuji stopped producing the SL1 in 2011 but you can still get this road bike online.

Note: The 2011 Fuji SL1 Pro is no longer available online (new) or difficult to find online or in retail stores. The Fuji SL1 was previously selling for $1,299 (new) at Performance Bike.

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Fuji SL1 Features at a Glance: The Fuji SL1 bikes have carbon frames (approx. 14.6 to 18.2 pounds depending on the SL1 price/frame/component level), carbon forks, Shimano or SRAM derailers (once again, depending on the SL1 level) and 700x23c tires.

Fuji SL1 Model Comparisons:

The Fuju SL1 has 8 price/frame/component levels. The 3 primary levels are based on frame materials and include the SL1 RC at the high end followed by the SL1 Pro and then the SL1 Comp. Next are the component levels witch include Shimano, SRAM and Servetto.

See the Performance Bike links (above) for their automated comparison feature to see the specific details.

About-Bicycles Review:

I actually think that Fuji went a little overboard on the 8 different price/frame and component levels with this bike although ultimately this does give you more choices.

Fuji bikes, in general, are excellent quality and very reasonably priced. I rode a friends Fuji, (that he had for years, then finally donated in perfect condition) and the bike was comfortable and responsive.

It's not hard to recommend Fuji bikes at any level but with the Fuji SL1 being their top end racing bike I can easily recommend the SL1 as the best road/racing bike in its price range.

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